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Summer school 2016

The fifth and last edition of the FCM Summer School was held from May 16 to 20, 2016, at the Laurentian Biology Station (Université de Montréal, Saint-Hippolyte). 30 students participated to this training dedicated to MSc students to postdoc fellows. Workshops on links between terrestrial and aquatic diversity and on the integration of complex systems properties in the definition of the northern limit of the attributable forests were particularly appreciated. To see the detailed schedule and picture gallery, visit de MCF web page. Thanks to all!

École été 2015

Posted June 8 2016

Research projects

Looking for a MSc or PhD research project? Madhur Anand (UofGuelph) is recruiting for projects related to 1. Climate change and forest dynamics and 2. Drivers and perturbers of forest-grassland mosaic dynamics (with focus on systems in Brazil and India). More info: manand[at]

Posted January 5 2016

2015 scholarship

Profiles of the 2015 FCM scholarship students are online!

Alice Antonio                   
Posted July 14 2014

FCM Summer school 2015

The fourth summer school on Forest complexity modelling was held May 25-29 at the Station de biologie des Laurentides (Université de Montréal, Saint-Hippolyte). 32 students did participate to this training intended for undergraduate students to postdoctoral fellows. A dozen of speakers took turns demystifying complexity and modelling. This summer school was spatial, thanks to Marie-Josée Fortin (UToronto) and Pedro Perez-Neto (UQAM) that presented an introduction to spatial analysis, as well as Patrick James (UdeMontréal) that gave a workshop on landscape genetics. Want to take a look? Here is the detailled Schedule and the photo album.

École été 2015

Posted June 19 2015

FCM Summer school in Oregon

Another summer school, about Forests as complex systems that was held June 8-12 in Oregon, at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest. 15 students from Québec, British-Columbia and Oregon participated to this training that was given by Klaus Puettmann (Oregon State University), Lael Parrott (UBC-O) and Christian Messier (UQAM-UQO). Want to take a look? Here is the general infoAdobe, the syllabusAdobe and the picture gallery.

Summer school Oregon 2015
Posted June 19 2015

Other scholarships available

Scholarships dedicated to Trainings with an Expert are available for students that plan stays between July 1 and December 31, 2015.
Posted April 27 2015

2015 FCM Summer School

The fourth FCM Summer School will be held from May 25-29, 2015, at the Laurentian Biology Station. Spatial analysis will be in the spotlight.
Posted February 10 2015

2015 FCM Scholarships

The FCM 2015 call for scholarship application is open! You will find all the info in the « Scholarships » section. Important changes have been made this year, go see!
Posted December 18 2014


Starting this fall, all students supervised by a regular member of the Center for Forest Research can apply for the Forest Complexity Modelling scholarships.

The call for applications for Training with an expert and Internship for foreign students scholarships is open until October 17, 2014 (stays starting between January and June 2015).

The regular scholarship call for applications (2014-2015) will be made in December.
Posted September 25 2014

Second Modelling Techniques in Ecology Summer School

For a second year, Dominique Gravel, assisted by Timothy Poisot, gave a one week summer school on modeling techniques in ecology as part of the CREATE Forest complexity modelling program. Eleven students heated their neurons (and laptops!) from August 25 to 29, working on differential equations, local stability analysis, numerical methods of integration, stochastic models, cellular automata and ecological networks. See you next year!
Posted September 2 2014

New 20140902

2014 scholarship

Profiles of the 2014 FCM scholarship students are online!

Alexandre Fouillet             
Posted August 27 2014

Summer School 2014

Summer school 2014The third Summer School in Forest Complexity Modelling was held June 2-6 at the Forêt Montmorency (Teaching and research forest of Université Laval). 55 people interested in complexity, forest ecology and modelling participated to this training intended for undergrad students to postdoctoral fellows as well as partner organizations. 15 professors and partners took turns demystifying complexity and how it relates to forest ecology. Many students were also part of the program and presented their work and their collaborative project with a partner. As the spruce budworm is back in Québec, a special session was organised to use that complex system as the basis for a modelling workshop. Want to take a look? Find the detailed schedule and photo gallery here.
Posted June 16 2014


Managing the forest as a complexe adaptive system: Why and How?

In February 2014, Christian Messier gave a seminar at Université du Québec à Rimouski on that topic. View his presentation here Adobe.
Posted February 25 2014


How the concept of « Complex Adaptive System » can be useful and used to better manage the world's forests?

On October 31, the CREATE program in Forest complexity modeling welcomed three high-level researchers in complexity: Simon Levin (Princeton University), Robin Chazdon (University of Connecticut) and Klaus Puettmann (Oregon State University) joined Christian Messier to discuss how the concept of « Complex Adaptive System » can be useful and used to better manage the world's forests. 19 students and MCF collaborators participated in this discussion, on site at the Station de biologie des Laurentides or by the web. The « Club of 4 » will work in the coming weeks to write an article dedicated to the forestry sector.
Posted November 13 2013

Workshop on Structural equations and Path analysis

James Grace (U.S. Geological Survey) will give a workshop on structural equations and path analysis, October 1, at UQAM (Montréal). James Grace is a world leader in Quantitative Ecology. This workshop, organized by the Chair in Spatial Modelling and Biodiversity and the FCM program is for MSc and PhD students, and Post-doctoral researchers. 15 spots are reserved for the FCM. The priority will be given to the FCM scholarship students, but if there are available spots, they will be offered to students being supervised by FCM regular members and collaborators. Participants should bring their own computer. The deadline for registration is September 25 and please contact Pedro Peres-Neto ( to register and for further questions. This workshop will be given in English. Please visit to consult Dr. Grace's web site and his book "Structural Equation Modeling and Natural Sytems" (Cambridge). Don't forget that if you are not in Montreal, the FCM program can pay for transportation and accommodation.
Posted September 5 2013


FCM Summer school 2013

The second Summer school in Forest Complexity was held from June 3 to 7 at the Nature Gault Reserve (McGill, Mont-St-Hilaire). 60 people participated to this training activity intended for undergrad students to postdoctoral fellows and partners. 19 professors, partners and students gave lectures addressing issues related to forest ecology, complexity and modelling. The summer school hosted two special guests: Charlie Canham, from the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, offered a three-day course on Likelihood methods in ecology and Klaus Puettmann, from Oregon State University, joined Christian Messier to address how complexity can be integrated in management. Participants, coming from 10 Canadian universities, one foreign university and four partner organisations, were able to both enrich their knowledge and network, since the summer school was meant to be a place of learning but also gathering and exchange. Curious? Here is the photo gallery 2013.
Posted June 21 2013


Functional Traits - International Course

This international course is a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and theories related to the functional traits of organisms, with a particular emphasis on plants. All details hereAdobe.
Posted January 24 2013


Modelling techniques training

A one week summer school on modelling techniques of ecological ecosystems will be offered from August 26 to 30, 2013 by Dominique Gravel professor at UQAR.
Posted January 20 2013


Just released : Managing Forests as Complex Adaptive Systems

Christian Messier, Klauss J. Puettmann and K. David Coates just published "Managing Forests as Complex Adaptive Systems - Building Resilience to the Challenge of Global Change".
Posted January 17 2013


FCM summer school 2013

The 2013 FCM summer school will be held from June 3 to 7 at the Gault Reserve (Mont-St-Hilaire, near Montreal). Details are available on the « Summer school page ».
Posted January 15 2013


The FCM co-director migrates to the west!

Lael Parrott is now professor at University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus. Good luck!
Posted January 1st 2013


Open online courses in complex systems

The Santa Fe institute will give a series of massive open online courses in complex systems science. Courses start January 28. All details here.
Posted January 1st 2013


Workshop on Mixed models in a bayesian and frequentist context

Ben Bolker (McMaster University), a world leader in the field of quantitative ecology, will be giving a two-day workshop at UQAM (Montreal), October 30th and 31st. All details here.
Posted October 1st 2012


Intensive course on Path analysis in ecology

This 5 day course in path analysis and structural equation modelling will be given by Bill Shipley, May 5-10 2013, at the Gault Nature Reserve, close to Montreal. All details here.
Posted December 10 2012


Visit the photo gallery of the Summer School 2012!

Held from May 28 to June 1, this summer school brought together a group of 56 people! Introduction to complex systems, recent advances in ecology and forest ecology were on the schedule, as well as more advanced lectures on spatial analysis and landscape modelling.
Posted July 11 2012


Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models

The 7th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM2013) will be held June 9-14, 2013 in Saariselkä, Finland. The FSPMs address the complex interaction between plant architecture and biological and physical processes driving plant development.
Posted Mai 1st 2012


It's official: The Forest Complexity Modelling program has been launched!

Lancement MCFThe CREATE program in Forest Complexity Modelling was officially launched on October 5th within the context of the Carrefour Forêt Innovation. Christian Messier, the director, described the program and demonstrated the importance of understanding the elements and links that weave together the complexity of the forest with the help of a homemade structure (see picture). Jean Girard, from the Quebec’s Chief Forester, then explained the importance of the program from the perspective of the member partners. Nearly a dozen students have already received scholarships and the competition for 2012 applicants will open shortly.
Posted October 21 2011